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Nhớ em nghe, tiếng chổi tre chị quét…

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Cho thành phố thêm xanh

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(Tiếng Việt) Khánh thành Nhà máy chế biến phân hữu cơ từ rác thải

Catering fill the factory gate: Company voluntarily test Vu Duc Hien, the Director of Environmental Protection – Department of Natural Resources – Environmental Hai Duong province, said the Thien Loc Co. trial

World Environment

According to a study published yesterday in the journal Environmental Research Letters of the Institute of Physics (IOP), an estimated 470,000 people die each year due to an increase in ozone levels


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The care and maintenance of the landscape

Details: Sanitation Services; utilization management and maintenance of the infrastructure; management of urban green park; maintenance of urban transport.

+ Construction and civil engineering, industrial

+ Construction works irrigation and transportation, parks, urban trees, technical infrastructure works;

+ Design renovation, and new construction of technical infrastructure, urban park, urban transport;

+ Production of concrete and cement products and plaster

+ Activities of the land used for the destruction of non-hazardous waste;

Destruction of non-hazardous waste by combustion or incineration or other methods may or may not lead to production of electricity or steam, substitute fuels, biogas, ashes or other products other purposes.

Production of bio-organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer minerals.